Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SASS: Stopmotion: The Case of the Stolen Art 2

Using stop motion, Miklos, Marcos and I (Wenchi) made a new animation, little by little taking many pictures we made a two-minute animation. This time we used great effects, letting our characters jump and interact with many things. This story is about the same two detectives, the villain was sent to prison after stealing a precious work of art, but this time the detectives loyal pet, a little dog (or labbit) has been captured with them not even noticing! The henchmen are planning to make a strong clone of the labbit and free Dr. Evil! How will the detectives find out which is their real dog? Will they get to catch Dr.Evil and his henchmen? Well, it will be hard! because the bad guys have a secret weapon…

Hope you enjoy it!!

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