Friday, November 20, 2015

An Exciting Camping for Y4!

In the month of October, an exciting camping took place.  Y4 spent three days in Villa Gesell and carried out some fun activities.

They left school early in the morning and traveled by bus with their equipment. The trip took 6 hours. When they arrived at the camping site, they explored the environment and met their tutors who talked to Y4 about the rules and instructions they had to follow during their stay. 
Once this was over, the children split in their groups and put up the tents.

 At night they went to a big hut to have dinner that was cooked by a chef. After every meal, every boy or girl had to wash their own dishes. Next, all Y4 reunited in the hut and went to play night games that were very amusing. When they went into the tents to sleep, a group had to evacuate due to a red ants invasion.
What a fright!

 On the second day, all Y4 went to an exciting expedition to the beach. There, they played fun beach games, including sand-boarding. During the night of the same day, they had a surprise party prepared by their tutors with games and music. This trip was an excellent opportunity for Y4 students to strengthen their friendship bonds and make new friends. In conclusion, this was a wonderful experience.

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