Monday, May 27, 2013

A Pet for You!

A Pet for You! 

During the summer holidays in 2010, on a very hot day, while I was riding my bike, I suddenly found some puppies on the side of the road. Someone, on purpose, had left them there. Six small furry dogs all alone under the sun`s rays! What to do?

Near El Jaguel there is an adoption centre called “Protectora de Animales de Maldonado”. People there are kind and caring. Even young students of Veterinary Science spend their time during the summer period helping and taking care of more than 400 abandoned dogs all over the town. Their task is to keep the animals clean and healthy and find them a good owner. Abandoned dogs are lonely souls. They are always thankful for someone who would help them. Most of them are in a bad state.

Argentina is the country with most homeless dogs and cats in all South America, so we have to take care of them! As they can't speak for themselves, we have to help them, and this is how:  Instead of buying an expensive puppy, you can adopt a homeless dog or donate food or, you can bring them to a petshop or a rescue centre so they can be happy until someone who will take care of them arrives.

By Wenchi

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