Sunday, July 24, 2016

Committees in Action: Jugando con los niños

Would you like to know what the other Committees are doing?
We visited the other Committees to find out what their plans were. Displaying IMG_2441.JPGDisplaying IMG_2441.JPG

In “Jugando con los chicos”, the members are preparing are rehearsing two plays for Y 1, Y 2 and Y 3 students.  One of the plays is called “Caperucita en Manhattan”. It’s like Caperucita Roja but in modern times. The setting is New York. In this play, Caperucita is called Skyler.  Caperucita has to take an iphone 6s plus to her grandmother.
The characters of the play are Siri, Skyler, Skyler's Mum, a policeman, Skyler’s Grandmother and two  narrators.

The other play is called  “El sueño de la princesa”. It is also for Y 1, Y2 and Y3 students. It’s about a princess that dreams a fantasy and adventure dream but when she wakes up, it becomes real! The characters are a princess, a queen, two fairies, a witch and a dwarf.
You can't miss these two exciting plays!

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